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Bulletproof motor is an electric motor manufacturer and electric motor supplier. We supply single phase induction motor, three phase induction motor, squirrel cage induction motor, slip ring induction motor, wound rotor induction motor, explosion proof motor, ac motor, dc motor, variable speed electric motor, asynchronous motor, synchronous motor, high power motors (up to 10000 kW), high voltage motors (up to 13.8 kV), customized motors, gearbox, gear motor, speed reducers for decades in China.

Industrial motor :

1. Three phase asynchronous motors have YE3(IE3) series (premium efficiency), YE2(IE2) series (high efficiency), YE1(IE1) series, Y, Y2, YKK series (high-power large-size),YVF series(frequency conversion velocity modulation), YEJ series(brake), YD series(pole-changing multi-speed).

2. Single phase asynchronous motors have YC series(Capactitor-Start), YCL series(Capactitor-Run), YL series (Dual-Capactitor), we is one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum-shell motor in china.

3. Also have NEMA motor, GOST motor, Flameproof motor, Injection molding machine motor, Vibration motor, Permanent magnet synchronous servo motor.

Household electric motor:

Household electric motors have shaded pole motors, universal motors.

Our Motors Application Major Fields

Our motors are widely used in pumps, air blowers, fans, ventilators, mixer, crushers, gearbox, gear motor, reducer, compressors, agitators, refrigerators, conveyors, grinders, elevators, cranes, mills, machine tools, food machinery, press machinery, transportation machinery, agriculture machinery, brick making machinery, textile machinery, mining machinery, paper making machinery, metallurgy machinery, rubber making machinery, petroleum machinery, medicine making machinery, packing machinery, woodworking machinery, chemical machinery, construction machinery, cement making machinery, forging machinery, foundry machinery, hydraulic machinery, pellet machinery, plastic machinery, power plant, steel industry, water conservancy syestem, waste water treatment, dredgers, metal working mills, cooling towers, cableways, petroleum industry, and many other machinery and industries.

Thanks to the competitiveness both in quality, service and price, Bulletproof Motor’s products are distributed to most of the countries and regions around the world, such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Iran, Dubai, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and etc.

We have become one of the leading electric motor manufacturers in China, doing the best to provide energy efficient motors and to create max society value.

Welcome electric motor for sale, electric motor wholesale and worldwide customers to contact us for win-win cooperation.

about us

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