The Composition And Meaning Of The Motor Model

It is composed of four subsections, including motor type code, motor characteristic code, design serial number and excitation mode code.

1. The type code is the Chinese pinyin letters used to represent various types of motors.

For example: asynchronous motor Y; synchronous motor T; synchronous generator TF; DC motor Z; DC generator ZF

2. The characteristic code is to characterize the performance, structure or use of the motor, and it is also represented by Chinese pinyin letters.

For example: flameproof type is represented by B; YT is used on YB axial flow fan; electromagnetic brake type YEJ; frequency conversion speed regulation type YVP; variable pole multi-speed type YD;

3. Design serial number refers to the order of motor product design, which is represented by Arabic numerals. The design serial number is not marked for the products designed for the first time, and the products derived from the series products are marked in the order of design. For example: Y2, YB2

4. The excitation mode codes are represented by letters, S represents the third harmonic, J represents the thyristor, and X represents the phase compound excitation.

Such as: Y2–160M1-8

Y: model, indicating asynchronous motor;

2: Design serial number, “2” indicates a product whose design is improved on a one-time basis;

160: Center height, is the height from the axis center to the base plane;

M1: The length specification of the machine base, M is the medium size, and the footnote “2” is the two specifications of the M-type iron core, and the “2” type is longer than the “1” type iron core.

8: Number of poles, “8” refers to an 8-pole motor.

Such as: Y630—10/1180

Y represents asynchronous motor;

630 means power 630KW;

10 poles, the outer diameter of the stator core is 1180MM.

The Composition And Meaning Of The Motor Model

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Expressed by center height, length of base, length of iron core and number of poles

1. The center height refers to the height from the motor shaft to the bottom corner of the base; according to the different center heights, the motors can be divided into four types: large, medium, small and micro, among which the center height

H in 80mm~315mm is a small motor;

H in 355mm~630mm is a medium-sized motor;

H above 630mm is a large motor.

2. The length of the machine base is represented by the common letters of the industry:

S——Short base

M——Medium base

L——Long base

3. The length of the iron core is represented by Arabic numerals 1, 2, 3, 4, and from long to short.

4. The number of poles is divided into 2 poles, 4 poles, 6 poles, 8 poles, etc.

The special environment code has the following provisions

special environment code

“High” originally used G

Ships (“sea”) use H

W for “outdoor”

F for chemical anti-corrosion

Tropical T

TH for wet tropics

TA for dry tropics

The supplementary code is only applicable to motors with supplementary requirements

For example: the meaning of each code of the motor whose product model is YB2-132S-4H is:

Y: product type code, indicating asynchronous motor;

B: Product feature code, indicating flameproof type;

2: Product design serial number, indicating the second design;

132: The height of the motor center means that the distance from the axis to the ground is 132 mm;

S: The length of the motor frame, expressed as a short frame;

4: the number of poles, indicating a 4-pole motor;

H: Special environment code, indicating marine motor.

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